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Baba Thakur Singh Ji start the sewa of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Katha's Audio Cleaning from 2003 and relesed first two part of katha on 2003.

Bhai Satwant Singh does all this sewa by Bachan of Baba Thakur Singh Ji & Released all over world on



Important Note 

These CD’s will work in a MP3 CD Player. Each CD is 45 hours in length for this reason it may not work in some old MP3 CD Players’ because some old CD players only ply 12 hour length CD’s.


The complete Katha is 629 hours in length.  The recording is not very clear for the first 7-8 hours, because this recording is from the 1960’s. Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale had 11 spools (master copies) of the Katha at Sri Akaal Thakat Sahib in 1984, after the army assault these copies were never found.  Where the audio is not clear it is due to the master copies not being available, thus editing has allowed for poorer quality versions to be used. Due to this at times, just for a matter of minutes audio may switch to a poorer quality, meaning more attention to be required by the listener. To help improve sound quality, it is advised to you that you switch bass on your mp3 player to a minimum and the treble to a maximum.


These mp3 cd’s are a treasure of knowledge which has never been fully captured in audio before. Many scholars have listened to these mp3 cd’s and gained a majority of their knowledge. Some have even written translations of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji according to what they have learnt. A unique learning of multiple translations is contained. The audio quality was improved by using specialised machinery and software programmes specially imported from Singapore. The current technology has allowed us to get this high quality of audio sound. If any one can or knows how to improve the sound quality further, we will be indebted to them and we would be grateful if they could contact us on the details provided below.


Previously the expense of the project would have been immense as the audio quality would have been too high in quality. As this katha has been produced on to mp3 cd’s the project has become possible and audio could be condensed on to just 15 cd’s and mp3 player are inexpensive to purchase. In December 2007 on the 3rd barsi of Sant Baba Takhur Singh ji, the cd’s were globally released in the United Kingdom, America, India and Canada. With the support of the sadh sangat and the students of Dam Dami Taksal this project has been a success. Free sets of cd’s were released in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Italy, Germany New Zeeland and many other countries. This katha can also be heard from www.damdamitaksal.org 

For further information please contact:

INDIA: (+91) 98151-17216, 98725-53580, 9814464424,

USA: +1-209-824-4433, +1-209-275-0950 


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